Graphic Brewing

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The beginning:

A mysterious brewing experiment almost killed two intrepid brewers. A unique combination of malt, hops yeast, water, a top secret brewing ingredient together with a dash of accidental electricity had some unintended consequences.....

Their survival was miraculous, upon regaining consciousness they found they were changed somehow. Now imbued with semi magical, strangely specific skills and knowledge they awoke with the desire to bring great beer to the people, wear heroic costumes and start adventures.

Witness the origin story of The Brew Masters, the Diligent Duo, Terrific Two, Proficient Pair, Capable Combo! Dale and Nolen bring you GRAPHIC BREWING, beers with fun and flavour! Some would even say “Super”.

Beer tasting notes:

The beer summer has been waiting for! Kick Grass - Blonde Ale

A refreshing and interesting Blonde Ale, the ideal summer time beer. The Lemon Grass addition adds complexity to flavour and aroma while integrating with the tropical, lemony hops. This beer has a high drinkability factor! Perfect for the BBQs or after a night of leaping from rooftop to rooftop.

The first beer from Graphic Brewing was Origin Story - Citrus APA.

Assertively aromatic Zap! Orange and Hoppy Kapow! With a solid malt base Twack! 
Balanced and drinkable Swish! 5% ABV with plenty of flavour Zest!

Contains a load of orange zest so you could say it’s an…. Orange-in Story Pun!

The other heroes in this part of our tale are our friends at North End brewery whose skills and equipment went into the making of this beer.

To be continued….